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HatfulOfHollow's Mails
« on: February 26, 2012, 02:10:23 AM »
Well due to a request from Bull Eramix, he said a few people might enjoy some mails I recieved from HatfulOfHollow during the time of being a CEO of Pondason Mining Co. in Dee Alliance

This first mail is where he mailed me about my director of my corporation stealing 100mil ISK from him...Which is true.


Re: Re: Frindely warnning
From: HatfulOfHollow
Sent: 2011.12.18 21:49
To: AssuredPond Pondason, 

then war it is

Re: Frindely warnning
From: AssuredPond Pondason
Sent: 2011.12.18 21:34
To: HatfulOfHollow, 


You send me a convo invite and I accept it. You told me what he did wrong. I asked for proof. You then send me this a possible fake convo. You then telling me you will go to war with us? Screw off. We could of been allies but apparently you don't want it. We knew your alliance had spies and I knew which one they were.

Simply put. You don't scare us, you are going to spend more then 100mil war decking us. You will simply be dieing.

Good day my old friend,
See you on the batlefield,

AssuredPond Pondason
Pondason Mining Co. CEO

Frindely warnning
From: HatfulOfHollow
Sent: 2011.12.18 20:27
To: AssuredPond Pondason, 

[ 2011.12.18 19:47:15 ] HatfulOfHollow > hey
[ 2011.12.18 19:47:18 ] Fendin > ooh
[ 2011.12.18 19:47:36 ] HatfulOfHollow > iam not crazy so do you have any info or not?
[ 2011.12.18 19:47:50 ] Fendin > Yes
[ 2011.12.18 19:48:05 ] HatfulOfHollow > whats name of him?
[ 2011.12.18 19:48:15 ] Fendin > i know but im waiting for the moneys?
[ 2011.12.18 19:48:25 ] HatfulOfHollow > you shull dam ceck your acount
[ 2011.12.18 19:48:35 ] HatfulOfHollow > i sendt you 100 mill the day you sendt mail man
[ 2011.12.18 19:48:56 ] Fendin > no you did not? checked every single day
[ 2011.12.18 19:49:13 ] Fendin > 1 i am button away to send those pictures and info.. so give me that money and you will recieve
[ 2011.12.18 19:49:19 ] HatfulOfHollow > 2 sec you get schrenshoott from my wallet i sendt you 100 mill on 15:12
[ 2011.12.18 19:49:47 ] Fendin > Hatfull
[ 2011.12.18 19:49:55 ] Fendin > i screwed you over
[ 2011.12.18 19:50:00 ] Fendin > i am sorryu
[ 2011.12.18 19:50:05 ] Fendin > its my nature to be a evil man
[ 2011.12.18 19:50:12 ] Fendin > im jerking of to this right now
[ 2011.12.18 19:50:23 ] HatfulOfHollow > alright so you just full bs then alright
[ 2011.12.18 19:50:36 ] Fendin > That is Correct,
[ 2011.12.18 19:50:46 ] Fendin > In time we can do some operations together and such if you want
[ 2011.12.18 19:51:03 ] HatfulOfHollow > alright whit guy i can cleary not trust
[ 2011.12.18 19:51:54 ] Fendin > i lost my drake
[ 2011.12.18 19:51:57 ] Fendin > lost my wolf

sens you have this where untrusty member

in your ranks

Either kick him

or get Ready for My New year offensive

i dont like ppl scruding me over, and iam sorry this wile hurt you.

i always seen frindes, but when Senior officer in your core deseide take this ascotion i wile either assume the whol corp is invold or you guys deal whit it

until this member and what evere alts he has left your corp/allince for good,

we are at state of war

iam Moblizing frindes and Resourse too deal whit this

War Delcaresions wile be hitting your New allince whit in 24 Hours of not aceating this termes

Next mail I informed Bloodpetal of..Got a kill off it? ;)

Moving out again
From: HatfulOfHollow
Sent: 2011.12.15 00:48
To: Akhraz Radaan,  AssuredPond Pondason,  Astroniomix,  Carena,  Grosspus Delicti,  jointraze,  Lanky Yewsun,  Master tyler,  Neshirana,  OleIvars,  Souchek Lehman,  ToxicOz,  Wintera Jast, 

Too Toxioz and Carena

Requst full Combat Escort

22 00 Hours on Freday 16 of Desmber

From Kurmaru In bleak lands

too Hemitar space,(Tongofur

5 to 6 Freighers

its either 31 Jumps mostly trow High sec

or 19 jumps but then we have go trow 6 Low sec

i wile late be up you guys desie wish Routh


This next mail is simply a status update on the conversations he is having with Bloodpetal through EVE Mail.

lates info
From: HatfulOfHollow
Sent: 2011.12.14 23:16
To: AssuredPond Pondason,  Fendin,  SergentDeathJack, 

Re: Offer of Peace
From: Bloodpetal
Sent: 2011.12.14 04:28
To: Astroniomix,  HatfulOfHollow,  Lanky Yewsun,  OleIvars,  Souchek Lehman, 

I don't think our plans are going to work well together at this point unfortunately.

If you want peace I want full transfer of the POCO's in the Ayeroilen area to our posession as well as removal of your alliance from our constellation.

At this point it's not in our interest to cease this war given your interest in being aggressive in corporate recruitment in this constellation and threatening our local allies with declarations of war or submission to your alliance. There is no tolerance nor appreciation for those methods in our area and you must leave immediately.

Your tactics and your goals have made you unwelcome here amongst multiple groups, and a cease fire will not resolve the problems we are facing with your current situation.

This is more than simply a declaration of war, this is a declaration of our independence.

Get out.

Offer of Peace
From: HatfulOfHollow
Sent: 2011.12.14 01:49
To: Astroniomix,  Bloodpetal,  Lanky Yewsun,  OleIvars,  Souchek Lehman, 

you guys from what i can see and we have try Mulipely time geting fight whit you guys

either you dont have heart in for this war,

how about we blue up and stop this


if you agreed too Thant i wile pull all deckes on you and your frindes,

and expekt you do same in return

Option 1
then we set +5 and share commen intel channeles and generly work toghere,

Option 2, i pull the decks you do same and we set no stadings and just have so Random no hard feelings fun whit eash other on gate random fight when evere.

quicket honest we are closing too Chrismens and in chrismens spiret you have this offer

This next one I asked him if you have any question I could use for recruitment...I didn't use them.


From: HatfulOfHollow
Sent: 2011.10.24 19:34
To: AssuredPond Pondason,  FlyingPepsiTruck Pondason, 

1: hello how are you?

2;: how old are you?

3: are you Teamplayer?

4 if yes why do you think you are Teamplayer?

5 what is bad team player plz explan?

6  what is your exp in eve online or other mmo s or other clan s gulides etc

7 how many acounts do you have?

8 if you more then one i need you proveid APi key and user id for all your acounts

9 why did you start playing eve online?

10 how often can you play? how many hours per week?

11 what is your proffensen in eve online?

12 are you willing too learn new stuff? like pvp running minning ither stuff your usaly trade?

13 do you have mic?

14 are willing do have interwied on teamspeak ?


That is all I have seen so far scrolling through my personal EVE mail...I probably still have a few hanging around the alliance tab. But if you want them just ask me in-game and I will forward them to you. :)

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Re: HatfulOfHollow's Mails
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2012, 05:27:01 PM »
The spelling, that grammar. Oh GOD THE GRAMMAR!!!

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Re: HatfulOfHollow's Mails
« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2012, 07:10:45 PM »
The spelling, that grammar. Oh GOD THE GRAMMAR!!!

All of Great Britain wept.   

"FFS, at all costs......Run Faster!"
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Re: HatfulOfHollow's Mails
« Reply #3 on: February 28, 2012, 01:47:31 AM »
Tek you are missing all the fun.  Hurry up and get back here!   :runfaster:
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Re: HatfulOfHollow's Mails
« Reply #4 on: February 28, 2012, 08:37:45 PM »
Damn, getting the Eve itch again.. sadly I still don't think I have the proper time.. such a hard spot...  :wtf:
Let's move.

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Re: HatfulOfHollow's Mails
« Reply #5 on: February 28, 2012, 11:58:24 PM »
Get your butt in here.  We don't care if you got 30 mins or 30 days

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Re: HatfulOfHollow's Mails
« Reply #6 on: March 01, 2012, 07:11:31 PM »
I'll look into it for next month. I do need to get some piloting in.

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Re: HatfulOfHollow's Mails
« Reply #7 on: October 26, 2012, 06:09:32 PM »
Herpes man.

[17:56:30] HatfulOfHollow > hey mate
[17:57:17] HatfulOfHollow > dont worry not going 2 bleak lands every again :) but from what i can see its locks like you got it britty cool in there now
[18:04:13] Bloodpetal > o/
[18:04:16] Bloodpetal > hey was afk
[18:04:23] Bloodpetal > Why do you say that?
[18:04:49] HatfulOfHollow > just give you some creditc mate
[18:04:54] Bloodpetal > Thanks :)
[18:05:08] Bloodpetal > I'm just wondering why you think it seems we've got it nice? :)
[18:05:11] HatfulOfHollow > iam not total asshole you know
[18:05:17] Bloodpetal > It's all good
[18:05:45] HatfulOfHollow > becoues its always locks like Big Group of Hostiles flying locking down there few times my alts has gone trow
[18:05:57] Bloodpetal > ya
[18:06:00] Bloodpetal > things are going alright
[18:06:04] Bloodpetal > plenty of fun times
[18:08:00] HatfulOfHollow > hehe cool i have found new plaze too call home use my Terror Tactic s
[18:08:11] HatfulOfHollow > :D
[18:08:39] Bloodpetal > lol
[18:08:53] Bloodpetal > Glad you're putting your talents to use
Re: HatfulOfHollow's Mails
« Reply #8 on: October 26, 2012, 06:22:24 PM »
That's awesome. Good times.

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Re: HatfulOfHollow's Mails
« Reply #9 on: October 26, 2012, 07:07:55 PM »
What particular job requires 'the worst spelling in the world' trained to level 5?

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Re: HatfulOfHollow's Mails
« Reply #10 on: April 02, 2016, 11:10:52 PM »
Hatful of Hollow sending us Fanmail years later...

Frenemies forevers'

From: Silf Aele
Sent: 2015.05.04 13:59
To: Bloodpetal, 

i found this storie you postet is cool thant one of may many evil crimes as Pupliset the english is still shitt :) hatful here

i no longer play the game 

fky safe man

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Re: HatfulOfHollow's Mails
« Reply #11 on: April 11, 2016, 09:59:37 PM »
ffs, you would think four years later would be enough time to work on that spelling problem.

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Re: HatfulOfHollow's Mails
« Reply #12 on: May 29, 2016, 04:20:38 PM »
Blast from the awesome past.